Rainer von Vielen – Solo Oberton & Ambient – Set

10 Years Klangwirkstoff Records & Separated Beats

Electronic Ambient Fiesta!

Outdoor & Indoor | Ambient and Dance Floor

Record Release Party: B. Ashra – Venus Meditation (KW012)

Live Acts:

TV Victor (Separated Beats / Tresor Records)
Akasha Project (KW Records)
Rainer Von Vielen (Cosmic Overtone Ambient Live Set)
Devas & Somnambule (KW Records / Spheredelic)
B. Ashra (SB / KW Records)
Motom (KW Records)
Starsounds (Astromusicology)


Mahiane (Ultimae / France)
Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records / Mexico)
Toby Dreher (Live DJ / Compute)
Chris Zippel (Genuine)
Nicorus (Keller Label)
Y-Luna (KW Records) (Compute)
Florian Breitschneider (B)
neo Beo (Freakplanet)
Em Pathie (B) aka Rakete aka Lucy Loop
maxmux (B)


Seven of Eglise & Eru
Lilio & Hesekiel & Performunion – Telling A Tuned Story

Buchlesung: Exorzismus durch Tanz – die vier Ds des Schamanismus Boris Hiesserer aka. Eden 123 (D.O.P.E.C.)

Vortrag: Hans Cousto, Thema: Heilsamen Frequenzen
Topic: Heilsamen Frequenzen (healthful frequencies)

Visuals: Motom
Video and Visuals:

Starsounds Horoskopmusik live von: Steve Schroyder / Astromusic and
Fritz Dobretzberger / Astromusicology

Infotheke:, Planetware und Klangwirkstoff Rec., Liqwheat Weizengrassaft aus Berlin, Food

you find more infos about the artists in the Discussion Part here.

Timetable coming one week before.